Fear can paralyze us. It can stop us in our tracks and prevent us from moving forward. Fear creates doubt and makes us resistant to change. No one is immune to fear, but we do have a choice. We can run from it or chase it. In Dr. Jade Teta’s book “Human 365” he uses FEAR as an acronym for Find, Engage, Attack, and Resolve. I absolutely love this! Anyone who knows me, knows that I do not consider myself to be adventurous or a risk-taker. I like the safe, well-traveled path with no bumps (changes) in the road.

At least I did. Until now.

3 months ago, I resigned from my stable teaching job of 15 years to fearlessly pursuit my passion aka what sets my soul on fire. Why you ask? To which I reply, why not?

When I turned 50, I realized I was tired of doing the expected and I actually found myself longing for change. This was when I decided fear was no longer going to dissuade me from my dreams. I watched other people achieving success, happiness, and fulfillment and was tired of sitting on the sidelines wishing that could be me. So, here I am former teacher turned certified health coach fearlessly pursuing helping others achieve health, happiness, confidence, and prosperity. Am I happy? YES! Is it tough? YES! Is it exciting? YES! Is it a lot of work? YES! Do I have any regrets? NO!

Every day I am living my dream. I am beyond grateful for this opportunity to coach others on their wellness journey to eudaimonia and I would love to help you F.E.A.R your health goals! (Find, Engage, Attack, Resolve)

No more running away. Today’s the day you WILL chase your future.

Today is a new day and with that comes the opportunity to create a healthier and happier version of you and I’m right here waiting to guide you.

What is a health coach?

When you hear the phrase “health coach” what comes to mind? Do you picture a skinny person lecturing you about all the wrong things you are eating and then instructing you to eat only fruits and veggies? Or do you imagine a person with a chiseled physique who is going to prescribe hours of intense workouts?  

The reality is that a health coach is a real person just like you. The difference is they have completed training and passed an exam to be certified to teach others how to adopt a healthier lifestyle.  A health coach is not a dietitian or a fitness trainer per se.  They are not focused on one area of health but rather the whole picture. A health coach is a motivator, educator, and your biggest cheerleader. Coaches are passionate about what they do and provide their clients with sustainable techniques and tips to improve their overall well-being. This involves a whole body approach and encompasses lifestyle, exercise, attitude, and nutrition. As a certified health coach, I would love to help you achieve your wellness goals, like having more energy, sleeping better, improving your diet, preventing disease, and much more! At Eudaimonia, total wellness is stressed and my wish is for all of my clients to live a life full of health, happiness, and prosperity.  

“Health is the greatest of human blessings.” – Hippocrates